The IBG group has always maintained a long-term, close cooperation with customers and business partners over the years, and even decades. We have always considered reacting quickly, reliably and flexibly to the wishes of the customer to be very important and implement these through the use of high-quality products. We are aware that close customer relationships and the great importance of benefit to the customer are the basis for our success. Throughout the company’s history, which spans over almost 100 years, we have been able to build on many long-term connections to local partners in our key markets. Last but not least, these stable connections enable long-term, continuous growth.



Trust is the currency that stands at the beginning of every wonderful friendship. (Heinz Peter Nersinger) Trust is an important building block of our company philosophy. That applies not only to our products, but also for us as acting persons. Each of our partners should and can fully trust us. To make this possible for our partners, we do everything possible to be as solid as a rock which can be relied on. Albeit due to the outstanding quality of our products, the reliability of the IBG employees or the willingness to help in the development of joint solutions: The IBG Group can be relied on.



Together we are strong. This is the keynote of our group of companies. The sheer number of synergies within the IBG Group alone requires a high degree of cooperation in order to utilise this potential. Be it the product development, the recourse to the global sales and production network or the bundling of requirements to achieve scaling effects. Cooperation is an essential factor for success in the IBG Group. This applies equally to the focusing on our customers and partners. Intensive cooperation is the only way to successfully develop tailor-made solutions in a highly competitive environment.