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Market and product enlargement by merger of ABICOR Binzel Korea with Hyeban, Korea. Integration into the ABICOR Binzel group.

Grand opening of Thermacut China (Joint Venture) with production facility in Changzhou.

Move of company Changzhou ZAP Welding Equipment Co., Ltd. into the new plant at Zibo, China to bundle capacities at one location.


Set up of company Weldstone Advanced Automation, Buseck, Deutschland. Development, simulation, projection and programming of robot based automation systems according to customer needs.

Rationalization of division tungsten/ceramic components by building a new plant in Zibo, China. Move of company Shandong Weldstone Tungsten into the new building.




Acquisition of  Holma AG, Switzerland to extent the product range laser cutting and plasma consumables. Move of production facilities to Thermacut Czech. Republic.


Take over of Regula Systems to extend the product portfolio of the welding technology with systems to save shielding gas. (Electronic Welding Regulator EWR)



Acquisition of a minority interest of 49% of SBI Produktion techn. Anlagen GmbH & Co KG, Hollabrunn, Austria.



Expansion of the production network construction chemicals bei seeting up a factory in Buffalo, USA and foundation of Kemper System America.

Acquisition of Cantesco Corp. USA/Kanada. Expansion of the IBG product portfolio in the area of welding chemicals. 

Further enlargement of the welding technology production network in Eastern Europe by foundation of a production site in Ryasan, Russia.

Transformation of the joint venture producing TIG torches into a Wholly Foreign Owned Company (100% IBG)

Transformation of the joint venture producing welding technology components into a Wholly Foreign Owned Company (100% IBG)

Foundation of an additional joint venture (70% IBG-share) manufacturing components for welding technology in China

Entry into a further joint venture (70% IBG-share) producing TIG welding torches in the People's Republic of China.

Transformation of the joint venture for tungsten components production into a Wholly Foreign Owned Company (100% IBG)

Sale of the mechanical engineering business area

Transformation of the ceramic components joint venture into a Wholly Foreign Owned Company (100% IBG)

Acquisition of the remaining shares in the Thermacut Group.

Acquisition of Alfachem and Alfachem Applications as Italian subsidiaries in order to strengthen the construction chemicals business area, especially in the area of decorative coatings

Founding and inauguration of a new welding technology production site in India.

Technical innovation in the construction chemicals business area through market domination by Kemperol 2K-PUR, the sole liquid coating in the world based on PUR (Polyurethan)without solvents

Extension of the construction chemicals business area by acquisition of Coelan Flüssigkunststoffe as new production subsidiary

Entry into first joint ventures (70% IBG-share) in the People's Republic of China, producing tungsten and ceramic components. Further diversification of IBG by building up the component business

Strategic enlargement of core competence in the welding technology business area by acquiring the majority share (80%) in the Thermacut Group

First involvement of IBG in the People's Republic of China by founding its first welding technology production subsidiary ABITEC in Guangzhou

Acquisition of Kurt Haufe Schweißtechnik, production site in Dresden, as „gateway to the East“. Start of company network expansion into Eastern Europe

Acquisition of Kemper Kunststoff und Lackfabrik, Kassel (presently Kemper System GmbH & Co. KG)

100% acquisition of Alexander Binzel Schweißtechnik

IBG GmbH & Co. KG moves to new premises in Cologne, Pferdmengesstr. 1

Start of robotic welding system development coinciding with the first introduction of robots in automotive manufacturing

First move towards capturing share in the American welding market by founding a production subsidiary in the USA

Launch of first-generation liquid-cooled MIG/MAG gas-shielded welding torches

Technical innovation in welding technology thanks to the development and introduction of the mainstream welding socket and connector system, which later became the European norm and global standard

Foundation of IBG GmbH & Co. KG focusing on the business areas of welding technology and mechanical engineering

Extension of the welding technology business area by acquiring a 60% shareholding in Alexander Binzel Schweißtechnik, Giessen

Change of name to IGA Industriegas GmbH & Co. KG. Start of diversification into different business areas

Change of name to IGA Industriegas AG with additional factories in Berlin-Hohenschönhausen, Dresden, Duisburg-Wanheim, Saarbrücken, Halle/Saale, Sarstedt

Foundation of the Gilgenberg & Röttger engineering company and merging with Waffenschmidt & Gazon into Wagiro Dissousgas GmbH. Factories in Beuthen, Hanover, Halle/W., Bochum